Welcome to my Java for OS/390 and z/OS site.

I thought this stuff looked pretty good on this home page but my ramblings became so cluttered and boring that I moved them here.

The Basics
A few things you need to know to get started with Java on OS/390 or z/OS.

Development Tools
Development tools that I use when working with Java on the mainframe.

Frequently Asked Questions
Just like it says. All of the odds and ends that I 've collected thanks to all of my mistakes and those reported by others.

Links to web sites, newsgroups, and books that I've found helpful.

IBM Manuals
A cool cross reference to IBM manuals that I use a lot with links to HTML and PDF versions for various releases of OS/390 and z/OS

Please send your comments to me, Gary Peskin, about any aspects of this site. Thank you for your feedback!

Last updated on 29-Oct-2002 at 1730 PDT